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Supreme Court Of Victoria

Supreme Court of Victoria

The Supreme Court of Victoria is the most senior court in the state of Victoria and, as such, handles the most serious civil and criminal cases.

The Supreme Court of Victoria was established in the 1850s with the iconic building that we see today being built between 1874-1884. Today the imposing Supreme Court building is heritage listed.

Supreme Court of Victoria, Library Tour Times & Visiting Opening Hours

Visitors to the Supreme Court are welcome to enter any of the public galleries and watch a case as it unfolds. Visitors should note that if they choose to enter any of the courtrooms, they should bow respectfully towards the Judge upon entering the Courtroom (if court is in session and the Judge is on the bench) and remain quiet and respectful of the proceedings taking place. Eating and drinking are not permitted inside the Courtroom. Mobile phones must be switched off.

If you would simply like to admire the building, members of the public are permitted to walk around the building and into the grand library that forms the centre-piece of the Court. While the Court has been renovated since 1884, much of its authentic fittings have been retained.

The best way to tour the Supreme Court is during the Open House event, which is a free event that offers a chance to explore the city’s most historic and significant buildings. The best part is you don’t have to pay any anything to tour these buildings.

Visitors should note that there are strict security requirements which must be adhered to before entry to the building. Much like an airport, you will be required to go through a metal detector before entry. Your bags will be scanned and weapons of any kind are not permitted.

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What are the Supreme Court of Victoria opening hours?
Monday to Friday: 9.30am–4pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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