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Trades Hall

Trades Hall

Trades Hall is a unique monument that represent the past development of Melbourne and its suburbs. This popular venue has been a major arena for public events, festivals and community gatherings.

Trades Hall showcases a labyrinthine type interior that features an excellent space for hosting any type of event. More recently, the hall has hosted many events; from film screenings to comedy shows, local theatre productions to burlesque cabarets.

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Trades Hall was built in 1859. Trades Hall was originally a timber structure, but the entire building later was renovated and transformed into the impressive stone building you see today. But even after so many years and so many changes, Trades Hall is still used for its original purpose.

Trades Hall boasts a number of rooms that can be hired for private events, parties and festivals. The site also features the Old Chambers Theatre, the New Ballroom and the Bella Union bar. Each of these rooms can also be hired for events and parties.

Today, Trades Hall is home to many state-based trade unions and political parties. Also, this site is the birthplace of the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Victorian Labour Party. You’ll see four flags here; including the Australian Flag, the Australian Aboriginal flag, the Eureka Flag and the red flag flying from the roof of the building. Apart from hosting an array of union meetings, Trades hall is also a major event venue for many cultural events and political concerts.

Each year, Trades Hall opens its doors to comedians taking part in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets sell fast, so check out the event calendar online to avoid disappointment.

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