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Williamstown Literary Festival
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Williamstown Literary Festival

The Williamstown Literary Festival (aka the Willy Lit Fest) is an event that brings together readers and writers for one of the biggest literary festivals in Victoria.

The festival runs for two days and will take place in the Williamstown Town Hall and the Williamstown Library.

Williamstown Literary Festival 2022 Dates, Tickets & Program Schedule

Each year there are over 80 authors who present and take part in over 50 sessions that discuss all topics from life, death, happiness, self, politics, ageing and science fiction. Many sessions involve question and answer format as well as panel discussion and interviews.

Discussions and workshops are unique from year to year, but some have focused on the transition from novel to film, interviewing techniques for memoirs or biographies, creative writing techniques, combating writer’s block, writing and illustrating for children and the rise of audiobooks.

Each year, a number of creative workshops are held for amateur writers where they can develop their skills in a constructive and useful forum and readings of new and established works are held.

Tickets to workshops should be purchased in advance, as many sell out. Get to the Williamstown Town Hall and the Library via train. Take the Williamstown line and alight at North Williamstown Station. Walk down Ferguson Street as the venues are just a few blocks away.

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