Public Holidays

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Public Holidays in Australia occur all throughout the year and are often marked at days to celebrate significant cultural moments in Australia’s history.

Victoria has a number of public holidays in addition to the Australian public holidays and we list all the Victorian public holidays that affect the city of Melbourne below.

Victorian Public Holidays 2017 – Melbourne Events & Things to Do

A public holiday in Victoria is a day off work for most Victorians and therefore means that some shops and businesses will close. However, with the exception of Good Friday and Christmas Day, you will find most supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurants will remain open.

Many of Melbourne’s attractions also remain open on public holidays including Melbourne Zoo, Eureka Skydeck, Melbourne Star and the Melbourne Aquarium.

Here is a list of all the Victorian public holidays:

  • New Years Day – Start off the new year with a day off work to sleep off your hangover or head to the beach. Every year on the 1st of January.
  • Australia Day – To celebrate Australia’s cultural identity with a day at the beach or BBQ with friends. Celebrated every year on 26th of January.
  • Labour Day – To celebrate workers getting an 8 hour working day. Celebrated in 2017 on the 13th of March.
  • Good Friday – A religious holiday to recognise the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Celebrated in 2017 on the 14th of April.
  • Easter Saturday – The Saturday before Easter Sunday. Celebrated in 2017 on the 15th of April.
  • Easter Sunday – The main Easter celebration where families and friends share Easter eggs. Celebrated in 2017 on the 16th of April.
  • Easter Monday – A religious holiday to, according to tradition, celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death in 30AD.
  • ANZAC Day – To recognise the sacrifice of Australian army, navy and air force. Every year on the 25th of April.
  • Queens Birthday – In honour of our English Monarch’s birthday. Celebrated in 2017 on the 12th of June.
  • Grand Final Eve – Victoria only. A day to enjoy with family in the lead up to the AFL Grand Final. Celebrated in 2017 on the 29th of September 2017.
  • Melbourne Cup Day – Melbourne only. Everyone gets a holiday so they can watch the “Race that Stops the Nation.” Occurs on the first Tuesday in November, 1st of November 2016.
  • Christmas Day – A Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ. Every year on the 25th of December.
  • Boxing Day – An extension to the Christmas holiday celebrated the day after Christmas. Every year on the 26th of December.

If a public holiday lands on a weekend, the public get a holiday on the next weekday in lieu.

Albert Park

Queen’s Birthday

Australian’s celebrate the Queen’s Birthday with a public holiday (and long weekend) on Monday the 12th of June 2017. Even though there will be limited trading hours for some shops...

Shrine of Remembrance

Anzac Day

Anzac Day is an important special community event celebrated all over Australia on April 25. On this date, millions of Australia commemorate the anniversary of the first significant...


Easter Monday

Easter Monday is a public holiday in Australia and will next be observed on Monday the 17th of April 2017. Easter Monday follows Easter Sunday which is a Christian festival which, according...

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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is part of the Easter celebrations and will next be observed on Sunday the 16th of April 2017. Easter Sunday is the biggest day of this four holiday weekend as it is a public...

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Easter Saturday

Easter Saturday is part of the Easter celebrations and will next be observed on Saturday the 15th of April 2017. Easter Saturday follows Good Friday and occurs as part of a Christian...

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Good Friday

Good Friday kicks off the Australian Easter celebrations and will next be observed on Friday the 14th of April 2017. Good Friday is a public holiday which is observed with almost all shops...

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Labour Day

Labour Day is a public holiday in Victoria which will next be observed on Monday the 13th of March 2017. Labour Day is observed to reflect on the social and political movement in the...

Australia Day

Australia Day

One of the largest celebrations held throughout the country year after year is Australia Day. Celebrated on January 26th, Australia day is a public holiday that honours the arrival of the...

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New Years Day

New Years Day falls on the 1st of January each year, in the height of the Australian summer. It has been designated as a public holiday which allows many people to have a relaxing day off...

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Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a massive public holiday in Australia and the best thing about being in Melbourne is that there are so many options for how to spend your day. From sporting events, cinema...

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Christmas Day

Christmas Day is celebrated on the 25th of December and is celebrated all over the world. Christmas in Melbourne is a public holiday and is therefore a wonderful time to stop, reflect and...