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Batman Park

Batman Park

Batman Park is located towards the northern end of the Yarra River in Melbourne, and is comparatively smaller than most other parks in Melbourne CBD.

Those driving to the park can take Spencer Street or King Street to get here.

Batman Park Melbourne CBD BBQ, Address & Map

Batman Park was established in 1982 and was named after John Batman; one of the chief contributors and founders of Melbourne. Visitors are welcome to explore this serene parkland and enjoy nature – perfect for a weekend get-together. Visitors will be happy to know that Batman Park has outdoor picnic areas and BBQ facilities.

As the park is just a few minutes away from the bustling streets of Melbourne, visitors can easily access the nearby bars and pubs.

The cool and lush setting of Batman Park welcomes joggers and walkers of all ages. The park is often crowded in summer because a large number of people come here during the hot and sunny days. In fact, the park’s extensive setting welcomes everyone to come and play a game of cricket or touch football.

As the park has only one BBQ area (with 2 hotplates), visitors are advised to come early to secure a spot. Alternatively, visitors can always bring their own food and indulge within this cool shady park.

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