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Central Pier, Docklands

Central Pier, Docklands

Melbourne’s waterfront district of the Docklands is a must-visit destination all-year-round. Whether it’s summer or winter, you’ll find loads of things to do here.

The Docklands itself offers a wide range of exciting activities and entertainment options.

Central Pier, Docklands, Restaurants & Bars, Melbourne

When it comes to cultural and community events, Central Pier is quite a popular spot; with many popular events (including New Year’s Eve, Australia Day, and Christmas festivities) celebrated here.

If you’re in Melbourne for a vacation or a local just looking for something to do, try spending a day at Central Pier. The Central Pier’s unique state-of-the-art design fascinates many visitors and is one among the most lively places of the area.

After its $30 million redevelopment, the pier features a sophisticated design and modern amenities.

Those planning for a friendly dinner or a family get-together can enjoy dinner at an opulent restaurant, right on the water.

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