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Rod Laver Arena

Rod Laver Arena

Rod Laver Arena is a famous tennis stadium in Melbourne and serves as the main venue for the world famous Australian Open. The venue was purpose-built for tennis, as the previous stadium was no longer suitable to accommodate the large crowds.

Rod Laver Arena is the crowned jewel of the Melbourne Park complex and was named to honour the great ‘Rod Laver’ who was a three-time Australian Open tennis champion.

Rod Laver Arena Seating Plan, Map, Events & Parking

In past years, Rod Laver Arena has become a prime attraction in Melbourne that attracts millions of visitors every year. Thousands of tennis fans flock here in January each year to witness one of the big four grand slams in the world – the Australian Open.

The Australian Open attracts more than 1.5 million visitors every year. Rod Laver arena is also known as Centre Court, as it is the main stage for all the biggest and most popular matches; including the men and women’s finals. The arena’s roof is retractable; therefore players can continue to play even during extreme heat or rain.

Those driving to Rod Laver Arena can follow the signs to the Melbourne and Olympic Parks sports precinct. There are ample parking spaces if you get there early. Otherwise, due to its proximity to Flinders Street station, many match-goers simply walk from the CBD.

The venue’s versatile space is perfect for many community events and sporting events. Every year, the stadium hosts rodeo shows, motocross events, basketball and entertainment shows are also held here. For private events, the arena offers outdoor closed spaces to hire.

Rod Laver Arena is also well known for hosting large concert events, as it has a seating capacity of over 15,000, plus floor seating. Some notable performances here have included Pink, Beyonce, Maroon 5, Muse, Coldplay, the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, amongst many others.

Seating plans will vary based on the type and size of each event, but here is an example of a past event held at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.


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  • Hi. I will be attending the Pink concert on Sunday 22 July with my wife. As I am almost deaf I use hearing aids which are compatible with the Hearing Induction Loop. We are currently seated in; AREA UPP, SECTION S60, ROW EE, SEATS 217-218. Are these seats within the loop area? If not, is it possible to move so that I can access it? Thanks for your assistance. Regards Ian Sampson

    • Hi Ian,

      I have checked many websites and i couldn’t even find a single mention of the hearing loop on the official Rod Laver Arena website.

      The only thing i could find is on the Ticketek website, but all they mention about the hearing loop is to call (03) 9286 1208 for more information.

      So unfortunately, this sounds like the only information out there. Once you find out more details, you may need to contact the company you used to buy the tickets if you require any changes to your seating (which may be difficult since a lot of the seating options for your night are sold out).


What is the Rod Laver Arena address?
Batman Ave & Olympic Boulevard, Melbourne, VIC

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What are the Rod Laver Arena opening hours?
What are the Rod Laver Arena entry prices?
Prices vary according to each event and admission type

Please visit our website for more information on the Rod Laver Arena.
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