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Next Wave Festival

Next Wave Festival

The Next Wave Festival is a biennial event held in Melbourne whose aim is to provide a platform for artists of the future as well as highlight futuristic trends.

Melbourne’s events calendar teems with festivals that visitors choose to attend, but the Next Wave is a must-attend event for visitors who are interested in young and up and coming artists.

Next Wave Festival 2023 Dates & Tickets, Melbourne VIC

With a wide array of activities for visitors to choose from, there is so much to see and do at the Next Wave Festival.

The Next Wave Festival not only works with young artists, but it has also brought onboard art institutions creating an all-inclusive affair for lovers of everything art. This has enabled the festival to create a niche for itself as a premier arts event and therefore draws massive audiences from across Australia.

If there is one thing that visitors at the festival take note of, is the large pool of untapped talent in various forms of art.

In addition to the display of rich contemporary art, visitors are also treated to guided tours at specific events during the festival. It is the best way to get a personal feel of the arts scene in Melbourne. You also get to meet like-minded visitors, which is a great way to network while travelling.

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Around the City and Inner Suburbs, Melbourne, VIC

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