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White Night

White Night

One of Australia’s most invigorating and popular cultural events, White Night is celebrated in Melbourne and brings the city to life in an amazing way.

At the core of the event is a celebration of everything artistic, so for art lovers, this is the place to be. What makes this event unique in the Melbourne calendar, is the fact that it brings together popular cultural centres, public spaces, major buildings and even the city’s highways and byways to create space for this exciting event.

White Night Melbourne 2019 – Dates, Times, Buildings & Public Transport

White Night Melbourne begins at 7pm on opening night and runs for 12 hours through until 7am on the following day. Taking place over a 12 hour period, you can choose an arrival time that suits you.

Showcasing film, fashion, theatre, drama, music and art in venues all over Melbourne, White Night is a free, all-night event with visual art, illuminations, music, food, theatre, sport, fashion, film and design. See many of Melbourne’s iconic buildings lit up with beautiful artworks of light on their façades. White night has been planned so that visitor can walk from one display to the next within the Melbourne CBD.

Thousands of people attend each year, with the peak attendance periods between 9pm when the projections are visible, through to approximately 11.30pm. The crowds generally lessen after midnight, however revellers do stay in the CBD all night to watch these beautiful visual displays.

Many locations participate in White Night Melbourne, so head to the CBD and check out Federation Square, the State Library, Arts Centre, Victorian Parliament, National Gallery of Victoria, and Flinders Street Station, plus many more.

Attendance at White Night is made easy as Public Transport Victoria has made it possible to arrive and depart from the event with trains and trams available all throughout the night. Taxis are also available as are some limited bus services to and from the city.

So come along to this free event and check out Melbourne after dark as you’ve never seen it!


TBA - February 2019

Event Times

7pm - 7am


Various locations in the CBD


Including Federation Square, Melbourne Town Hall, Flinders Street Station, State Library.
Melbourne, VIC

Contact Details

(03) 9417 6690
[email protected]




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  • Hello there.

    I want to organize my trip to Australia and New Zealand. I would love to be in Melbourne during White Night 2019. We only want to stay a couple of days (3-4) in Melbourne. Need to know the dates für White Night. Are they out yet?
    Than I am able to plan and book my flight from Germany.

    • Hi Diana,

      Dates are yet to be confirmed by the City of Melbourne. Last year it was held on 17 February 2018, so it may be around the 16th this year, but that is a guess. Check back with us and I will update the page once dates are confirmed.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Jan,

      The White Night dates are yet to be released for 2018. However I have looked back over past dates and the dates from the past 3 years have been on the third Saturday of February: 21/02/2015, 20/02/2016, 18/02/2017.

      So I can’t confirm the dates for 2018, but if the trend tells us anything, it may be on the 17th of February 2018.

      If you want to book accommodation now to lock something in, you can book through Booking.com here with the option to change the dates if need be. Just check for rooms that offer “free cancellation”.

      Kind regards,

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