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Go Festival
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GO Festival

Every year, there is fabulous festival held especially for women in March, known as the “Girls Only”, or the GO Festival. This festival welcomes women of all ages to come, have fun and mingle with other like-minded women.

The event includes exhibitions, workshops, special services for women, as well as presentations and speeches by keynote speakers.

GO Festival 2017 Date & Tickets – Womens Expo Melbourne Showgrounds

The GO Festival is a women’s-only event and is the largest of its kind in Melbourne, with women attending to fully relax themselves, enjoy some live entertainment and to learn something new.

Every year, the event includes something special for women of every taste. Some spas even offer free manicures, massages and even healing packages. To this end, the GO Festival includes a Massage and Healing zone, where participants can relax, enjoy a free massage or manicure, as well as many other pampering treatments.

A number of enthusiastic chefs offer free short cooking and baking classes, with women of all ages welcome to participate in the cooking demonstrations and enjoy learning new recipes and cooking techniques. These experienced chefs also share some quick meal ideas for the working woman.

Fitness enthusiasts will also be happy to know that they can enjoy a free training session here at the Go Expo. Some local gyms and fitness centres offer classes, yoga workshops, as well as some tips and tricks for quick aerobic exercises you can do at home.

Entertainment options at this expo are also wide and varied; including fashion parades, live music on the main stage, and even tarot card reading.

Melbourne Showgrounds
276-318 Epsom Road
Ascot Vale, VIC

6-7 February 2017
10am - 4pm

0425 768 166

[email protected]

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