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Melbourne Knowledge Week

A vibrant nightlife, diverse restaurant scene and a myriad of cultural attractions are not the only things for you to explore when your arrive in Melbourne.

Melbourne Knowledge Week is a popular event in Melbourne and is celebrated by many residents and visitors year after year.

Melbourne Knowledge Week 2017 Dates, Program Schedule & Location

Melbourne Knowledge Week has expanded its list of events each year, with the newest programs including workshops and cultural celebrations, as well as some special programs for the health and medical sectors. This year’s Knowledge Week will mainly focus on five sub-categories; such as innovation and technology, design and urban planning, community learning, health & medical and creative culture.

The wide range of programs and workshops included in Knowledge Week are focused on topics which lead to the betterment of society. The main focus of this event is to encourage young people to get involved and as a result, many young and active individuals come to showcase their talents. 

This festival also provides information on various innovative projects conducted by a number of popular institutions in the country. The festival is also designed to encourage debate about new concepts and different ways of thinking.

Festival Hub
1000 Pound Bend,
361 Lt Lonsdale St,
Melbourne VIC
And various other locations

1 - 7 May 2017

(03) 9658 9658

[email protected]

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