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St Kilda Beach

Melbourne’s most famous St Kilda beach is just a number of kilometres from the city. Those driving from the CBD will just have to drive a short 6km...

St Kilda Beach

Melbourne Beaches

While in Melbourne, don’t miss the chance to spend some time on the calm beaches around the bay. The beaches close to the city offer popular swimming spots, picnic areas, playgrounds and water-side restaurants. Guests can relax, play on the sand and enjoy a bit to eat at any of these restaurants.

The most popular beach in Melbourne is undoubtedly St. Kilda Beach; offering a cool promenade for summer.

Best Beaches in or Near Melbourne

St Kilda Beach is a gorgeous sandy beach that offers excellent swimming for visitors and locals alike. The beach is home to the beautiful St Kilda Pier – a favorite destination for food, fun and excitement. You can also enjoy some of the best views of the city’s skyline and a fabulous sunset right from the pier.

Guests can also take a ferry to Williamstown and Southbank from here. In addition, the beach offers extensive boating facilities and is strategically located near parklands for picnicking, rollerblading and many other fun activities.

Considered as one of Melbourne’s finest oceanfront areas, Brighton Beach is also popular for its swimming, quaint bathing boxes and foreshore parks.

St Kilda Beach

St Kilda Beach

St. Kilda, VIC

Melbourne’s most famous St Kilda beach is just a number of kilometres from the city. Those driving from the CBD will just have to drive a short 6km to reach this expansive sandy beach; offers a vibrant promenade and...

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Mordialloc Beach-featured

Mordialloc Beach

Mordialloc, VIC

Mordialloc Beach is fondly referred to as Mordi Beach and is a popular place for visitors and locals who are looking for a place to swim or take a relaxing walk. Mordialloc Beach is also popular for families as there is...

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Brighton Beach

Brighton, VIC

Brighton Beach is located in Brighton, a leafy beach-side suburb nestled 11kms south-east of Melbourne’s CBD. An affluent suburb, Brighton has some of the most expensive residential properties in Melbourne. The...

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Altona Beach 04

Altona Beach

Altona, VIC

Altona Beach is one of Melbourne’s most pristine beach areas and has visitors flocking to its shores to enjoy recreational activities all year round. Since it is also the largest beach in the city’s western suburbs, it...

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Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay

Black Rock, VIC

Half Moon Bay is a pristine beach nestled in Black Rock, some 22 kilometres south-east from the Melbourne CBD. The iconic beach gets its name from its crescent-like appearance and is a favourite travel destination for...

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Port Phillip Bay 02

Port Phillip Bay

Melbourne, VIC

Port Phillip Bay is one of the largest bays located in Southern Victoria and extends over 1,930 square kilometres. Even though this bay is quite shallow, it is a navigable area and is one of the nation’s busiest ports...

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Williamstown Beach1

Williamstown Beach

Williamstown, VIC

Williamstown Beach is a stunning location that covers around 550 metres between Bayview Street and Thompson Street. One of the city’s most charming attractions, this beach offers the best of sun, sand and sea...

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Sorrento Beach-featured

Sorrento Beach

Sorrento, VIC

Sorrento Beach is located in the township of Sorrento, an affluent beachside suburb located on the south-east coast of the Mornington Peninsula. A popular day-trip destination, Sorrento is well known for its beautiful...

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Elwood Beach 01

Elwood Beach

Elwood, VIC

Elwood Beach may not be the best beach in Melbourne, but it’s certainly one of the most popular family-friendly destinations – located just a short drive from the CBD. Once you reach Elwood, just take the...

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Port Melbourne Beach-featured

Port Melbourne Beach

Port Melbourne, VIC

Port Melbourne beach is located in the suburb of Port Melbourne in Melbourne. This beach is just a few kilometres from the south-western end of Melbourne’s CBD. The beachfront area features some of the best modern...

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Hampton Beach

Hampton, VIC

Hampton Beach is a lovely spot along the Melbourne’s south-east coastal strip. Popular with sun bathers and swimmers in summer, you will find plenty to enjoy about this beach. The beach consists of about 900...

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Parkdale Beach-featured

Parkdale Beach

Parkdale, VIC

Parkdale Beach is located between Mordialloc and Mentone Beaches, 25 kilometres to the south-east of Melbourne Popular for swimming, surfing and fishing, this is a popular beach for locals and visitors to this part of...

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Sandridge Beach-featured

Sandridge Beach

Port Melbourne, VIC

Sandridge Beach is located in Port Melbourne, just 5kms from the Melbourne CBD, and is a quiet and flat beach suitable for talking long walks. The beach itself isn’t a popular swimming spot as there is often a...

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Middle Park Beach 01

Middle Park Beach

Albert Park, VIC

Relaxing at a beach on a hot summer afternoon is one of the best activities in the warmer months. While in Melbourne, visit Middle Park Beach and relax within the balmy setting of this scenic shoreline. Middle Park...

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Mothers Beach

Mornington, VIC

Mothers Beach is one of Melbourne’s most pristine beaches, and is aptly named because it provides a family friendly beach for kids to enjoy. Just an hour’s drive from Melbourne’s CBD, the beach also has a playground and...

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